AirPro Elite AC & Heating



When the comfort of your own home is compromised, you want it taken care of fast by someone you can trust. We are committed to just that, fast and reliable service from quality licensed technicians. We guarantee our technicians are drug-free, background checked, and come with references that allow you and your family to rest at ease. We recognize that quality HVAC service is only one aspect of our business and that people must come first.


Air Conditioning

We know Texas heat can be brutal. When August rolls around, you want air conditioning that can keep up. AirPro Elite is committed to you enjoying the comfort of your own home and business. We offer affordable options in a timely manner so you can continue on with what is important. From service calls and maintenance, to new installs and repairs, AirPro Elite has the skill and experience to keep you living comfortably. 


We provide affordable commercial solutions with optional maintenance plans that allow you to focus on what you do best. We can work day or night to fit the needs of your business. Various customer, contractor, and vendor references are available to provide you with confidence in us. We focus on high quality customer service and skilled technicians.



Our HVAC technicians are fully certified and highly trained in all makes and models of heating equipment. Although Texans tend to focus on the warmer months, we also desire peace of mind and confidence that our heating unit will fire up when we need it most. AirPro Elite doesn’t slow down in these times. We have your heating needs covered from new installs, replacement units, repair and maintenance, furnaces, and heat pumps.

Service Repairs

We want you to stay up and running at all times. If an issue arrises, all it takes is a quick call or email and we will have someone there the same day to make sure you can move on with your own schedule. Quality service isn’t lost on us at AirPro Elite. We know you expect safe, courteous, clean, professional technicians, because we do too. We are committed to the same service we would want for our families.



Our GOAL is to help our clients achieve a comfortable and energy-efficient home. Preventative maintenance for your home can help save money by avoiding costly repairs. Each install comes with a warranty and optional maintenance plan tailored for you. Join our Elite Maintenance Program and trust in us to keep your home running smoothly.

Additional Services

Let AIRPRO Elite Take Care Of You So You Can Take Care Of Business

Duct Installation

Ducts and vents serve as a transfer medium to distribute air with the help from a central air handler that reheats and redistributes air as needed. AirPro Elite is equipped to meet all of your heating and air needs providing you a complete system you can depend on.

Duct Repair & Cleaning

Large or small, we have all your ducts and vents covered. Our technicians are skilled in duct install and repair so we can keep your entire system up and running properly. If your home is over ten years old chances are you needs your ducts cleaned and tested for leaks. Give us a call today and learn more about how to maintain your home and or businesses heating and air systems.